'We're all going to die.' Eardwulf, upon reviewing the 6th File.

'I'm going to go back and kick the fat, hairy bastard.' Eardwulf, as the mine proves tougher than expected.

'Well, we know he's dead.' Osmaer's observation after finding a boot heel sticking out of a tunnel cave-in.

'I don't even know what 'incognito' means.' Billdur.

'You got to speak ignorant.' Billdur, after successfully negotiating with the fishermen at Oselbridge.

'I suppose we'll just have to take it all.' Osmaer, in the tomb.

'It depends on the answers.' Billdur, on whether the captives would be alive after questioning.

'Billdur may not be the most educated person, but he is intuitive.' Cyn; Billdur did not catch the compliment.

'It's a good story. I feel bad for setting him on fire.' Billdur, after Cyn translates the Dwarf Chieftains' journal.

'I want my arrow back; I'm going to have it bronzed!' Morcan, after making a one-in-a-lifetime shot.

'Where were these shots when we first met?' Billdur to Morcan, during the brigand ambush.

'I seem to do my my best shots when Billdir is in the way.' Morcan.

'Surely this won't bite us on the ass.' Osmear, being ironic.

'I have trouble dealing with anyone under sixty.' Cyn.

'A fourth….a fourth.' Billdur, after the group takes in a street urchin.

'At least it's not me.' Billdur, as Kinn denounces Morcan to a sizable crowd.

'I have never misled you about my capabilities.' Cyn, after repeatedly missing with his bow.

'I don't like what I see-you go first.' Cyn, after a brief scout.

'Why, Morcan!' Cyn, upon hearing of Beatrice's claims.

'I'm going to join the beastmen! Let's see her find me there!' Morcan, getting frustrated with the Beatrice situation.

'Cruelty doesn't become you, Morcan.' Cyn, after Kinn is attacked.

'Suddenly, the blood eagle doesn't look so bad.' Wulf, contemplating drowning in raw sewage.

'I swear, I didn't mean it.' Billdur, after accidently killing a smuggler whom he intended to take prisoner.

'When my fragile body fails me, and my fragile ego betrays me, all I have left is logic.' Cyn, after confusing Billdur with facts.

'The dead don't pay well.' An apt observation by Tharg.

'I'm excited to have a say.' Tharg, as the group pondered whether to get involved in the succession crisis.

'If you put coal up his butt, you will get a diamond.' Morcan, speaking of Wulf.

'Please direct them in a kind manner.' Billdur, regarding the hostages rescued in the raid on a beastman camp.

'It's easier than it looks.' Tharg, referring to ripping off arms.

'Unlikely solutions to problems that shouldn't exist.' Wulf, on how the Iron Band operates.

'I don't like the fact that there's another smart person in the group.' Billdur.

'I believe that what people do with rat-folk behind closed doors is their business.' Drodd, when Jesper chooses a bad time to be obscure and mysterious.

'Look at the little ears!' Cyn, getting his first close look at Skaven. The wonder of the moment did not last.

'It's like a bagpipe, that shoots fire.' Wulf, examining a Skaven wytchfire thrower.

'I thought he quit drinking.' Wulf, when Billdur takes a wrong step off a bridge and face-plants into sewage.

'I think we we don't get paid if everyone dies.' Drodd, as the fighting in the old Red Crew hideout turns ugly

'I need to reflect on my life choices.' Cyn.

'You do things with your hands and you're smart, so I consider you an Elf.' Billdur to Jesper.

'Apparently every shot I shoot hits, unlike you.' Billdur's response to Morcan's ribbing about having a third son.

'If Ravena saw this, she will think she dodged an arrow.' Billdur, after a fight with a group of Norn ends with a rather pathetic display.

'It makes surprisingly good parchment.' Morcan, referring to the tanned skins they captured at a Norn shrine.

'He's still alive, and he has a mustache.' Wulf, reporting on the Crown Prince of Chybisa.

'I suggest against laughing in the future.' Wulf, while disguised as the Crown Prince of Chybisa.

'You can aim?' Jesper.

'Why is Billdur collecting heads?' Drodd raises a vital question.

'It's on my list of things to do.' Billdur, when asked if he could pilot a ship.

'You picked the wrong wall, didn't you?' Morcan at the rearguard fight.

'What is that word Cyn used? Karma?' Billdur, during the rear-guard fight.

'It seemed like a good plan.' Billdur, as Cyn trips over a log trying to sneak into a Norn raiding camp.

'This has taken a bad turn.' Wulf, as he is badly battered in the Norn raiding camp.

'We can deal with the laundry later'. Cyn, as the raid to rescue the Queen got very bloody.

'It had nothing to do with sme shady shit I did without you guys knowing.' Wulf, regarding his change in fortune.

'She doesn't look like a walrus, so I'm all right.' Morcan, about his arranged marriage-to-be.

'I feel like I'm the only person to be himself on this trip.' Drodd, as the Iron Band prepares to go to Orbaal.

'I can't say that you're wrong, but I can still take offense.' Jesper, when Billdur identifies him as the most feminine in the group.

'Probably smarter than you.' Jesper to Billdur, about Old Whiteclaw.

'You're not going to eat them, right?' Wulf, as Jesper cut tongues from Trolls.

'He's thinking for himself, and I don't like it.' Wulf, about Billdur.

'That was a grave mistake on my part.' Billdur, after bolding kicking ope a door to a Rat Ogre ambush.

'I can't help but think that Cyn takes better care of a knight.' Billdur, as the Elf patches up the group after the Rat Ogre ambush. 

'On the bright side, no doors for Billdur.' Morcan, as the Iron Band enters an Elvan outpost.

'Remember: no circle stones, no strange women!' Billdur.


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