Dark Harn

Events in the year 807 CE

Green text indicates rumor or unconfirmed news.
Blue text indicates news that is factual or largely factual.
Dates for either type of text are the date of the incident, not the date the PCs hear of it; there will be a lag time of varying length between events and PCs hearing of them.

I. Nuzyael
1st: The Pagaelin (page-lynn) and Bujoc (boo-jock) herds are lighting the war-torches, and the herd-stones are being anointed with fresh blood and bones. Well aware of what that means, King Verlid VII has called forth the banners (mobilized the Royal Guard and levies of Chybissa). The 6th File of the 12th Company is sent southeast to Genilden, to meet and escort a shipment of rope.
2nd: The File waits at Genilden, and when the shipment doesn't arrive, they head south to investigate, finding the caravan ambushed. All are dead, but the cargo is untouched. They suspect Gargun; the local Reeve refuses to loan draft animals and drivers unless the File brings back proof (Gargun heads) of the safety of the animals. The group takes three oxen anyway. They are joined by Morcan Selkes, a messenger sent by Captain Hardt.
4th: The group delivers their charges, and are immediately dispatched to Wynere to suss out strange rumors. The group arrives in Wynere and begins investigating.
5th: The group learns of an old woman Coel, who might know something of the matter. Coel proves hard to deal with, but agrees to help the group if they deal with a nest of giant spiders. Boldly, the group goes forth; Alfred is disabled by terrible stomach cramps. The group rescues Osmaer from the spider2s, and clears out the nest.
6th: The group determines that the cause of sickness is a dead rat in the bitter beer barrel.
7th: The group clears an old tomb and reseals it, ending the haunting, but are ambushed by Brays and engage in a desperate but ultimately victorious fight.
8th: The group reports back. Anzar Onyxjaw left the file to attend to family business.
10th: The file is ordered to set up a way station for refugees.
11th: The group rescues a kidnaped child from Goblins.
13th: The group investigates screams in the dark, and wipe out a band of beastman scouts.
14th: When the file reports back later in the evening, they are approached by Jamyes of Abrant, who recruits them for a odd rescue mission down the Ulmerien River. He also assigns them an Elf, Cyn, to help.
20th: After extensive investigation and dealing with various Wildings, the group enters an old ruins. They clear the place in bitter fighting, securing a fair amount of loot, and find Coln, mindless and trapped, and a glowing pillar. They destroy the pillar with salt (brought by Coln's party), rescue Cyn, and withdraw outside, where the Wildlings accept the result as a fulfillment of prophecy. The wild men make the group welcome.
23rd: The group heads upriver.
29th: The group reaches Burzyn, where they discover that a handbill has stirred up great agitation against Morcan (posted shortly before the 25th). They turn Coln over to Jamyes of Abrant, and are discharged from the levy.
30th: The group re-equips themselves.

II. Peonu
1st-2nd: The group investigates the handbill and identify the commoner servant who commissioned the work, but not his whereabouts, nor his liege. Nor the motivation for this bizarre action.
3rd: The group heads north in the company of a trading caravan.  
9th: At Oselbridge, the group is approached by three fishermen with a story of buried treasure.
12th: The group and the fishermen arrive at the site.
17th: After extensive digging, the group suspects that they are at the right place, but using the wrong approach. They investigate the basin, and figure out how to re-install a Dwarven stone plug.
20th: Renewed digging brings them to an underground chamber, which was kept dry (before the plug) by air pressure (a cunning engineering trap). They loot the tomb in the chamber, and return to the surface, where they are attacked by a band of mercenaries, who they defeat in a bitter fight. The mercs were hired by an unknown (to them) man to ambush the group once treasure had been found. 
23rd: The Group is honored with a feast at the fishermen's village; Billdur becomes married, somewhat by chance.
25th: The group arrives at the bridge, and takes on a guard job after somewhat churlish haggling.
26th: Their employer is murdered. The group crosses the river, tracks down the killers, only to run into a basilisk in the process. Morcan makes an incredible shot and finishes the beast. The group recovers the hide, eye, and heart of the beast, pillage its lair, and then turn the murderers in to the trading post. They do business with Myloe of Chasin, but refuse to sell him the odd little statue they had recovered, which seemed to upset him.  They agree to escort Johanna Stiegler to Tashal.
27th: The forces of Chybissa conclude a series of engagements along the Genin Trail results in the stabilization of the SW wing of the kingdom.
30th: The group is ambushed by mercenaries hired by a 'Cyrus'.

III. Kelen
1st: The group arrives at Kobing, finding more handbills insulting Moran. Billdir gets a package intended for someone else. The group conducts various investigations.
2nd: The group buys a wagon and team, and investigates further.
3rd: The group arrives in Tashal.
4th: An Undead outbreak in Kobing results in several days of fighting before order is restored.
5th: Responding to a request from Jamyes of Abrant,the group investigates a string of murders, and ultimately end up in a cemetery fighting wraiths in order to rescue Colin once again. During the investigation the group adopted Arion, a small girl living on the street.
6th: The group returns Colin, and notify the Watch of the identity of the murderers. Wulf is laid low by Tomb Rot.
10th: A pregnant girl (prostitute) accuses Morcan of various betrayals and moral wrong-doing. Morcan ends up hiring her, Kinn of Osbow, to work for him.
11th: The group gets a tip about a wildling enclave, and set off, hoping to beat another group to the site.
13th: The group arrives at the site, and discover that a defiler has taken control of a small band of wild folk. They rescue two young women. 
15th: The group is back in Tashal.
16th: Pesera of Hendel, a well-established money-lender of Tashal, is murdered in his palatial home. No motive is assigned. 
17th: Wulf agrees to a scheme put forth by Sir Edric Quarne.
19th: The group plants a sealed message in the Earl Curo's Tashal residence without being detected.
20th-22nd: In a series of hard-fought actions, beastmen forces threatening the central region are defeated by Chybissian troops, resulting in the end of the crisis.
23rd: Jamyes payment is received.
24th: The Cybissan levy is released from duty.
25th: The group sets out on the second part of the scheme.
28th: The group arrives in the area and, with considerable difficulty, locates Telin the Red's hidden camp. They storm the hold and put the bandits to the sword in desperate close-quarter fighting; Cyn and Wulf are critically injured. Sir Edric shows up with the Earl's ward, who was kidnaped by 'Telin the Red'. The girl sobers up and finds herself rescued.

1st: The group returns to Tashal. Osmaer departs the group to resume his medical studies.
2nd: More handbills have appeared, and Morcan leads most of the group in an investigation.
3rd: Morcan discovers that the person behind his troubles, his nemesis, is the daughter of a powerful Chybissan landed knight who has, in her own mind, transformed a series of casual social encounters over the last fifteen years into a scenario of true, and then violated, love. This places Wulf's possible elevation to knight in considerable jeopardy. Saeric Braeda Joined the group.
4th: Morcan meets with Beatrice for the first time.
5th: Second meeting. That evening, the group fakes Morcan's death at the hands of a mob agitated by Beatrice's handbills.
6th: Beatrice leaves Tashal, bearing away 'Morcan's' body to be buried in their native soil.
7th: Persistent rumors of a new island spotted in the Gulf of Ederwyn.
8th: Kinn is attacked while attending her duties, nearly killing her. She loses her child. A tip leads the group to the underground hideout of the Dark Channel Boys, a smuggler group. They kill Dumas of Parmu, the Boys' leader, and about half the smugglers before coming to the realization that they had the wrong suspects.
10th: Wulf is knighted by Sir Edric Quarne.
11th: The group sets off on another task from Sir Edric Quarne.
14th: The group reaches the area, fights several skirmishes with beastmen, and slaying a Minotaur. They find the herd-stone and a number of sky-metal fragments.
17th: The group returns to Tashal and turns over the 'stone.
18th: The The group sets out for the horse fair at Jeres, Saeric Braeda runs off with a woman of negotiable affection.
21st: the Group arrives at the fair.
21st: King Miginath arrives in Jeres with most of his household for the annual Horse Fair and tournament. He’s accompanied by his mistress, Erila Kaphin, Lord Privy Seal, his son Koris Harabor, two companies of the Royal Guard, and two squadrons of the High Guard. His physician, herald, fool, and bard are all with him. He’s joined there by the Earl of Balim (who’s holding this is), with a squadron of knights and company of foot, together with various servants and hangers on. His vassal the Baron of Uldien joins him with a small entourage. The Sheriff of Osel, Meden Curo meets the king there with most of his knights and two companies of foot. These forces are all supplanted by the Jedes garrison and feudal muster, which the Constable calls up every year for the visit. A number of nobles also attend the fair or send representatives, either to join the court in a less formal setting than the capital or purchase quality remounts, usually both. The Earl of Vemion is one of these, having sent several trusted retainers to purchase new warhorses.
23rd: The King collapses while eating breakfast.
24th: King Miginath breathes his last without having regained consciousness. All sales at the Fair are voided, the Fair is canceled, and the price of horses and beasts of burden double
25th: Tharg of the Twelve-Bellies joins the group. They head back towards Tashal.
26th: The King’s body and his entourage arrive in Tashal by barge.
27th: The following morning, Kaldor’s chief herald, the aged Archebal Peltre, calls the royal court to the Enclave of the Holy Oak for a private meeting. The meeting is attended by Princess Meliem Elendsa, Migray Hosath, Tarkin Hirnen, Erila Kaphin, Mirald Alkinil, Koris Harabor and Haldare Venera. Archebal Peltre presents a sealed document that he describes as the royal will. Archebal tells a strange tale:
Fifteen months ago, not long after the death of his highness’s brother, prince Merik, I was visited by a cloaked woman late in the evening. She gave me this document, claiming it was the last will and testament of his highness, King Miginath. I inspected the royal seal and it was indeed valid. The woman refused to tell me more, even her identity, saying only that the will was a caution against the kingdom’s future, and should only be revealed in the event of the king’s death.”
The gathering immediately accuses Erila Kaphin of delivering the document. She denies this, saying she knew nothing of it. The normally lucid Archebal seems confused about the event: it was late, he was tired, and he cannot recall much about the woman herself. The will is opened and read by Archebal. (The ‘Tashal Will’)
I, Miginath Elendsa son of Torastra, king of Kaldor, Earl of Meselyne and of Chybisa, Marshal of Chelmarch and Lord of the Realm, do declare this my last will and testament. I declare that Sir Tulath Kaphin is my son and heir, Prince of the Realm. In the event of my death, I appoint his mother, my love, Erila Kaphin, Lord High Chamberlain and executor of my will, that she may shepherd our son to his rightful place as King of Kaldor.
Erila again insists she has not seen this document before today, but that she recognizes Miginath’s handwriting. She suggests that the office of Chamberlain be left in the hands of Princess Meliem until the truth behind the document can be uncovered.
In any case, it will upon the succession council to name the next king.
A messenger is sent to Caer Elend for more of the king’s documents for comparison.
28th: Sir Conwan Elendsa, Sheriff of Semethshire mobilizes his vassals (Nephew of the King and eldest son of the king’s brother Brandis; Conwan has the best claim to the throne by primogeniture, as eldest Elendsa male by direct descent. Unfortunately, he took an oath renouncing his claim to the throne in order to marry a minor noblewoman from Melderyn)
28th: The group arrives back in Tashal. Morcan starts a rumor that the Dark Channel Boys were also killed by the longshoremen. Wulf receives a letter from Jamyes of Abrant.
29th: A council of six physicians, including two Dwarven masters, conclude their examination of the Royal remains, having determined that the King’s death was caused by a combination of the failure of his kidneys coupled with a massive heart attack; the King had had been plagued with poor health most of his life, and in particular both heart and kidney issues.
30th: Sir Maldan Harabor, King Miginath’s eldest living son (although an unacknowledged bastard) and Sheriff of Meselynr and Constable of Okoland, produces his father’s will, in which all three sons are made legitimate (the ‘Okoland Will’). He calls all of his vassals to muster, saying only that the kingdom is in peril and swift action is needed to defend the realm. He calls his ally, the Baron of Setrew, Wevran Ethasiel, to Olokand. As Wevran and Maldan confer, Wevran’s son Sir Romlach rides with half of Maldan’s guard to Baseta.
By this point the Constable of Baseta, Eres Tereneth, has received word of the king’s death but nothing more. When Maldan’s men arrive, he assumes they bring further news, and lets the guard captain and Romlach into the keep. Eres refuses their demands for aid, saying he will await word from his liege.
Maldan’s men storm and quickly take the keep: four guards are killed, one of Maldan’s and three from Baseta. They leave a company to hold the keep and take Eres’s son as a hostage back to Olokand. Maldan orders the Elendsa Bridge across the Kald to be closed. Maldan sets off for Tashal

V. Larane
1st: Rumors abound that the King was poisoned.
Sir Koris Harabor, Marshal of the Royal Guard and the King’s middle (unacknowledged bastard) son, mobilizes the Guard and the Tashal garrison. He announces that the king may have been murdered, affirms the validity of the Okoland Will, and orders the arrest of Lady Erila, her son Sir Tualth, and Constable Haldare (ruler of Tashal) for treason. Haldare is captured, while Lady Erila and Princess Meliem successfully flee the city
2nd: Conwan attempts to ambush Malden’s force outside Heru, but is soundly defeated, taking heavy losses in dead and captured.
3rd:Prince’ Maldan rides into Tashal at the head of a column of victorious men. He declares his intention to restore order and punish the murderers of the king. The common people greet him with acclaim. Meanwhile, the King is interred with all suitable pomp and ceremony.
4th: Conwan limps back to Querina; he is surprised to meet none other than his older cousin Princess Meliem and Lady Erila. Lady Erila is promptly arrested and held until her role in the King’s death can be established
The group is commissioned by Sir Edric to patrol the Salt Road.
5th: Skirmishing breaks out across the kingdom, as much an evening of old scores as over the succession. Malden forces wear yellow, Conwan black, Princess Meliem Elendsa supporters wear orange. This forces the peasant levy to remain to secure manors, and more than one landed knight does so as well.
6th: Sir Tulath Kaphin, Sheriff of Vemionshire (the King’s youngest bastard son) arrives at Tashal, having been intercepted along the way by a troop of Malden’s knights.
8th: Beastman and gargun raids become increasingly common.
10th: The group reaches the Chelini Ford and turns back.
12th: The group discovers a plundered caravan, drives off some Gargun, and track the original ambushers (Human bandits) to their hideout. In savage fighting they kill all the bandits but two, taking those last two alive. They rescue a young woman and two male captives, and acquire a useful bit of information. 
14th: The Enclave of the Holy Oak declares the Olokand will a fake. This causes great shock. To even greater shock, Prince Maldan agrees with the verdict; he states the real Will was stolen and this crude forgery obviously sent in its place to discredit him. However, he managed to reclaim the real will and presents it now to the Heralds. He passes them a will found in Erila Kaphin’s quarters (the Kaphin Will). It legitimizes all three sons and names Maldan heir to Olokand. A very generous interpretation could read it as naming Maldan heir to the throne.
17th: The group returns to Tashal.
18th: The Enclave of the Holy Oak declares the Kaphin Will to be real, though it is superseded by the date of the Tulath Will, if the latter is proven to be legitimate. The Church orders a Succession Council in 10 days’ time (on the 28th).
The group slips the news of a plot to rescue Constable Haldare to the Sir Koris Harabor, Marshal of the Royal Guard.
20th: Wulf rewarded with a trained Palfrey, saddle, and tack by Sir Koris Harabor, Marshal of the Royal Guard.
21st: The group returns one of the chests they recovered from the bandit hold along with a few old coins to a Dwarven group searching Tashal for Pesera of Hendel
22nd: The group signs on with Sir Edric's expedition to secure the western approaches. They adopt the company name of The Iron Band.
25th: The Band reaches Aka Gola on a mission to secure wilding support.
26th: The Band clears Undead from an old tomb.
28th-30th: The Succession Council convenes, and the skirmishing stops. All wills are reviewed, and the Okoland Will is dismissed as a forgery. Both the Kaphin and Tashal Wills are accepted as legitimate, but the issue of wills is rendered moot by Sir Tulath Kaphin’s surprise declaration of support for both Maldan and the Kaphin Will. As the proceedings drag on, the potential successors are slowly reduced to Maldan, Conwan, and Princess Cheselyn Hosath, none of whom being able to secure the needed majority of votes. Legal debates drag on for hours, multiple votes are taken, and finally it is decided to adjourn for ten days in the hope that one or more candidates will withdraw their claim.
30th: The Band reaches Aka Pazi and recruits that clan as well.

VI. Agrazhar
1st: The skirmishing resumes.
2nd: In heavy fog (the Battles in the Mist), the combined forces of Conwan face those of Maldan along the road east of Tashal. Much confused skirmishing occurs over two and a half days as Conwan tries to push towards Tashal. Eventually both sides withdraw following inconclusive combat. Maldan re-enters Tashal, hailing it as great victory. Conwan likewise claims victory.
3rd: The Band reaches Aka-Kaluk, and strikes a deal.
5th: The Band raids an old Human mine and recovers a standard for the Wolf Clan.
6th: The Constable Haldare is found murdered in his cell. Maldan denies any responsibility, but the death gravely embarrasses him.
9th: Conwan attempts to seize Herus bridge, and is defeated after a day of bloody fighting.
10th: The Band reports back to Sir Edric.
11th: While on patrol the Band slays a troll that Cyn located.
10th-13th: The Second Succession Council re-convenesIt is clear that the electors prefer Conwan, both for strength of claim and because he is seen as a good, fair man, but his oath raises many issues, and there is also the speed with which Maldan responded to Conwan raising his banners, and the fact that Malden is as yet undefeated in battle. Malden’s reputation has suffered from the murder of Constable Haldare; he steadfastly maintains it was not done by his command, and can find no evidence as to who did it or why. Princess Cheselyn Hosath is viewed as a compromise candidate, her position strengthened by the fact that she has not raised her banners, and regularly calls for a cession of violence. Hopelessly deadlocked, on the evening of the 13th the Council again adjourns for ten days.
15th: The Band takes part in a large-scale assault on a beastman encampment. The Band mounts a separate attack to rescue 11 hostages, including children in a bitter assault and fighting withdrawal. In recognition of their achievement, Sir Edric sends them back to Tashal.
The Church releases Conwan from his oath.
16th: The Band heads back. 
Conwan calls his peasant levies into service.
17th-18th: The Band rests.
18th: The marriage of Mirild Harabor (Malden’s heir) to Cheselyn the Younger (eldest daughter of Princess Cheselyn Hosath) is announced. 
19th: Princess Cheselyn Hosath formally withdraws her claim to the throne.
20th: The Band escorts the supplies to Sir Edric and end their service. The camp is attacked that night by Gargun, who break the camp wall with an explosion. 
21st: The Band arrives back in Tashal.
Bolstered by Orbaalese and Melderyn mercenaries, Conwan again marches on Tashal.
22nd: At the crossing over Miora Creek, just north of Bilo Manor (J5), Malwan, although greatly outnumbered, attacks Conwan.
The Black force is caught while in the act of fording the stream; Prince Maldan personally leads a charge of knights into the van of Conwan’s force, which is only partially across the stream and trying to deploy from a column of march. The fighting is brutal; the Melderyn mercenaries in the vanguard stand firm and contain the charge, buying time for Conwan to move his Orbaalese mercenaries into a rear guard and push more troops across the creek.
Prince Malden hurls his entire force into an effort to seize the ford and destroy the Black forces on the north bank; Prince Conwan commits his peasant levy, which pushes across the creek on a broad front (losing dozens drowned in the process) and extends the Black flanks sufficiently to threaten the Yellow flanks.
The fighting surges back and forth for two hours before Prince Malden withdraws from the field, unaware that Conwan’s Orbaalese mercenaries have refused an order to join battle, and looted Conwan’s baggage train before heading south.
Prince Malden has lost the field, and his brother, Sir Koris Harabor, Marshal of the Royal Guard, is carried from the battle, critically wounded. The loss of life is heavy, particularly among Prince Conwan’s peasant levy; barely one in five of his Melderyn mercenaries remain. Prince Malden, who employed only knights, men-at-arms, and mercenaries, suffered less
23rd: Conwan advances to within sight of Tashal’s walls, then withdraws his force, too battered to mount any sort of siege. He claims the Battle of Miora Crossing to be a victory, which it technically is, but the fact is that once again he is stopped from accomplishing his campaign goal.
24th-26th: The Council re-convenes again. With only two contenders remaining, the debate at the Third Council rages. Despite his defeat at the Crossing, Malden’s reputation as a battle commander remains undimmed, although the murder of Constable Haldare is still counted against him, despite his protests of innocence. Conwan’s release from his oath and his personal charisma count for a great deal, but his continued inability to mount an effective campaign, and the depredations of his former mercenaries count against him
After three days spent in endless debate, the Council names Prince Maldan as clanhead and the successor to the throne (the vote was 9-8 in his favor).
Conwan initially stands ready to contest the Council’s ruling through open war, but changes his mind after several of his key supporters refuse to stand with him. Conwan’s titles and duties are taken by his heir, while the would-be king departs for exile in Kanday
27th: King Malden I is crowned; he names his oldest son as his heir in a publicly posted will, issues a pardon to all who bore arms in support of Conwan, and orders his youngest brother to take command of a force (of former Conwan supporters) to hunt down the remaining northern mercenaries despoiling the realm. There are rumors of a punitive war against Orbaal next year.
While outright civil war has been adverted, the kingdom’s debt (both Malden’s and Conwan’s debt has to be taken on by the Crown) is substantial, and there has been no small amount of property damage throughout the Kingdom, with the area around Tashal being particularly hard-hit.
King Malden inherits a battered, indebted kingdom with a very modest base of support
28th: The Iron Band heads to Buryzn to speak to Myloe. Along the way Billdur and Ressa split off to visit her family.
30th: Sir Tulath Kaphin Engages the deserter Orbaalese just south of Nubeth (K6) and defeats them, recovering much of their loot. The remainder of the northmen flee cross-country, heading west.

1st: Sir Artanar Nalas (p.501-1) is appointed as the new Constable of Tashal (basically the civil administrator of the city).
As knights return to their manors and Royal garrisons assume their duties, the various ad hoc border expeditions are recalled and disbanded. Many of the mercenaries who served in these expeditions are hired permanently to replace troops killed during the succession.
2nd: After wasting most of two days trying to sort out the issue of the captured loot, Sir Tulath Kaphin splits his forces and sets off with the most mobile of his forces in pursuit.
5th: The group arrives in Buryn and begin studying their target.
6th: Billdur and Ressa catch up with the Band with the news that her home village was wiped out some time ago. 
Sir Tulath Kaphin engages the Orbaalese south of Keldkith manor (J6) and defeats them again, but the survivors escape across the Kald River (which was their goal); unable to pursue, Sir Tulath Kaphin ends the expedition. The surviving hundred Northmen head to the Salt Road and western Harn, where ports and kinsmen can be found.
7th: The Iron Band investigates and plans.
9th: Morcan breaks into Myloe's home while Cyn makes contact at the party  and Billdur speaks with him in the street.
10th: The Band meets with Myloe, and negotiates a deal for a cut of their expedition into KIraz.
11th: The Iron Band heads north.
12th: Reports of a mushroom-based concoction called Black Throat becoming popular with the lower orders in Tashal.
16th: The Band rents a boat and follows the Life Stone. 
21st: The Iron Band locates, and defeats Argbrurgrwnerhaugh the Fury-Born, Master of Beasts, Breaker of Walls, and Wielder of the Red Fist and his warband. The fight is brutal in the extreme, and could have easily gone either way. Among other loot, the Band takes Argbrurgrwnerhaugh's personal standard as a trophy.
24th: The Iron Band investigates the remains of the destroyed village.
26th: In Kobing the Band learns that there were four survivors, now in Jedes.
29th: The Band arrives in Jedes,  tracks down the survivors, and establishes that the attackers are likely Thardian mercenaries.
30th: A item of great sentimental value is stolen from a local chapel; the Band hunts down the culprits, clashing with Gargun in the process. They face down a band of Wildlings in a striking fashion.

VIII. Halane
2nd: Ferin of Lydael and his two codefendants are given a fair trial and are hanged that afternoon.
3rd: Random street violence is becoming more common in Tashal.
4th: The Iron Band returns to Tashal. Gargun raids against Wildlings become more common and effective, drawing in beastmen attacks against the clans.
5th: The Band determines that Cyrus is working for the L-K, which is unusual.
6th: Tharg departs when his master locates him. The group is joined by Drodd Frostbrow, and Jesper Cyland.
7th: The Band begins investigating the Black Throat situation. 
8th: The Band contacts Farin about Black Throat.
9th: BIlldur sends a letter home.
10th: The group meets with Farin again. Later they investigate a warehouse. Finally, they head into the sewers to check the old Dark Channel base and discover Skaven in residence. This develops into a bitter running fight in which every member of the Band is wounded, Billdur and Cyn severely. 
11th: The group meets with Farin.
12th: Cyn deciphers the captured paperwork. 
13th: The Band investigates the various leads in the captured paperwork, in their own distinctive style.
14th: The Band investigates a possible port. After hanging a possible sentry, they find an old ruins dug into the river bank, and encounter Skaven. The Band is cornered in part of the outpost, but used captured gunpowder to breach a wall and launch a two-pronged attack which won the day in heavy fighting. They rescued some wildings, four of whom were killed fighting alongside Billdur. Six others are released, due in no small part to Billdur.
17th: Self-proclaimed oracles are going among the wildling clans, preaching war against the civilized lands.
20th: The Iron Band investigates the old Red Crew hideout, and is quickly embroiled in skirmishes all across a large area of sewer, killing two Seers in the process. They liberate ten beggars, all of whom escape to safety, and a dozen wildlings, one of whom is killed. Wulf is badly wounded in the fighting.
21st: The Iron Band takes a long-overdue rest. There is extensive shopping and upgrading.
29th: Shipping disrupted by heavy Orbaalese pirate activity in the Gulf of Chakro.

IX. Savor
15th: Unusually bad storms reported in the area of Belna island, and moving inland.
21st: Billdur hears from his family.
22nd: The party, along with all supporting members, sets off for Chybissa for Billdur's chance at redemption.

X. Ilvin
7th: The party reaches Burzyn, where Kinn leaves to visit her family.
8th: The party reaches Lerenil, where Billdur learns that he has a son, Jurgen. The mother, Ravena, was very bitter, but Billdur surprisingly charmed her into a much better state of mind.
9th: The Band awakens to a full-bore Norn invasion. They careen through Lerenil on their wagon until the Norn kill one of the horsres; Wulf, asfter saving a young woman, is badly wounded in the fight that followed. They secure a cart and head to Ravena's home, where they defeat another group of Norn. Discovering that Jurgen has been captured by the Norn, the Band tracks down a hostage camp, and slew a large number of wildlings, rescuing Jurgen, ten children and three women. Drodd and Billdur are badly wounded in the fight.
Lerenil town is over-run by Norn, and put to the sword; the castle managed to get secure.
10th: In the wee hours the main Norn force arrives at Burzyn.
Caer Burzyn manages to hold its walls against the initial assault; The Genin Gate likewise survives the initial onslaught, but falls eight hours later. By nightfall the castle is fully invested.
The Norns set up their headquarters in Brigmer Manor, and begin aggressively patrolling the river to ensure no crossing, destroying boats wherever they find them.

11th: The Norns begin rebuilding Caer Shobald. The Norns leave the south approaches to Burzyn unguarded during daylight hours; they begin public spectacles of unspeakable atrocities upon captives, demonstrating to the garrison what fate will befall any who do not quit their post and flee.
The main bodies of the Pagaelim and Hodiri herds join the Norn as more Wildlings trickle in to help the Norn
12th: The Band marches cross-county to Narane.
King Malden I calls his banners preparatory to riding to Chybisia’s aid.
Sir Balesir Geledoth, Crown Prince of Chybisa, establishes a temporary government in Onden.
Sir Marak of Semadin, Marshal of the Chybissian Royal Guard and son-in-law of the King, takes the Royal Guard and rides to Geda, and there assumes control of all Royal forces and calls up the banners and levy.
There is some tension between the Royal Marshal and Baron Kjal Forsetha, lord of Geda (former Orbaalese mercenary who won the barony in a wager)
13th: The Band leaves Ressa, Ravena, and the rest in Narane, and presses forth to Onden. There, they conduct inquiries about Morcan's family, and the overall situation. Then they return to Narane and get Ressa, Ravena, and Jurgen.
The Norns begin to raid deeper and deeper into Chybisia, laying waste to manor after manor.

14th: The Band returns to Onden, and secure a mission from Sir Morghan of Cade, the emissary of the Crown Prince.
15th: The Iron Band scouts Tyannal, a manor which has not been heard from since the invasion started. There they find a beastman patrol in the manor village, and wipe them out; Jesper experiences melee for the first time. On a paper found on one of the dead, they find a note that indicates the patrol was awaiting 'tribute' from the Norn. They deliver the letters to the lord of the manor and the temple master. They also harass a Norn caravan on the way.
The Army of Kaldor, led by the King himself, sets forth. It consists mainly of knights and mounted men-at-arms; there is no money for mercenaries, and Malden did not call up any part of his levy.
16th: The Band returns to Onden and reports.
The Norn send a message to King Verlid VII demanding specific tribute to withdraw: two hundred pounds of gold, five hundred pounds of silver, the remains of kings and nobles, and an annual tribute of 600 gold crowns a year.
17th: The Royal Marshal leads the combined forces of Chybisa on an attack on the siege forces around Burzyn. Tension between the Marshal and the Baron of Geda causes the attack against Hieath to launch unevenly. The Norn absorb the shock of the two unsupported assaults, and counter-attack while four ship crews flank the Cybissian force to the north, and a beastman group attempts to flank it to the south. The beastmen take the wrong path, and crash headlong into the Chybissian left wing. The battle swiftly degenerates into several desperate fights conducted without any regard to each other. As nightfall draws near, the Chybissians fall back in considerable disarray. Losses have been heavy, particularly among the beastmen and the peasant levy. Baron Kjal Forsetha, lord of Geda is among the dead, and the Royal Marshal is badly wounded.
18th: Billdur learns he has an alternative to his sentence. Sir Morghan of Cade assigns them to raid a shrine for intelligence purposes. The Band captures the information in a running fight, and realize that there is a plan, facilitated by traitors, to ambush the Crown Prince who is heading to Geda to take command of Chybisan forces.
The Chybissian forces straggle back to Geda.   
19th: The King of Melderyn, Chunel I, dispatches a mounted force of knights and mercenaries under the command of the Marshal of the Royal Guard, Sir Jerge Smeley, from Thay.
The Iron Band arrives at the scene of the ambush. They rescue the Crown Prince in a desperate fight, in which Drodd convinces two Ogres to stay out of the fight by bribing them. Wulf is rewarded with a Courser, Morcan is knighted, and the party receives the Prince's purse.
21st: The Band delivers Crown Prince Balesir to Geda.
22nd: The Army of Kaldor arrives in the vicinity of Meldun, catching the Norn outposts by surprise in a dawn attack, killing several dozen and capturing the manor.
23rd: The Band ferrets out the army's morale.
24th: The Iron Band rests.
25th: The Army of Kaldor takes Docialon manor against moderate beastman resistance.
The Band  gathers the support people at Geda. They spread tales of Crown Prince's courage and valor at the ambush.
26th: The Army of Kaldor takes Kynadin.
27th: With Wulf wearing the Crown Prince's armor, the Iron Band takes part in a raid on docked Norn ships at Burzyn. They set three of the four available ships, afire and Drodd is badly wounded. 

28th: In a daring night attack, Kaldorian forces led by Sir Edric Quarne retakes Caermel manor.
The Iron Band returns to Geda.
29th: The group is dispatched to recover a small case of documents. After clashing with Beastman and Norn patrols, they recover the case.
30th: The Melderyn force arrives at Geda and links up with the Chybissian forces.

XI. Navek
1st: The Band returns to Geda.
The Norn fully invest Burzyn, and reduce their raids, consolidating their troops.
2nd: Tensions rise between the Chybissian and Melderyn forces as nearly all of the mercenaries in Chybisa’s employ quit to serve Melderyn.
3rd: Trying to take advantage of the remaining decent weather, the United Force (Chybisa and Melderyn forces) move west while the Army of Kaldor moves south. Battle is joined at mid-morning; in the north, Malden’s forces seize Brigmer manor in heavy fighting, then the Genin Gate, and cross the North Bridge. Their advance halts in front of emplacements dug into the mid-channel island; exhausted and with fading daylight, the Kaldorian troops withdraw to the bridge and dig in.
In the south, the United Force meets the main Norn/beastman force on both sides of Geda Road just north of Hieath Manor; the Marshal of the Royal Guard, Sir Jerge Smeley, is badly distracted by a force of wildlings and Norn holding Hieath manor, and commits far too much of his force to storming the manor house. He eventually takes it, but this diversion of reserves means that his main attack stalls outside Hieath Village, a mile to the west. Meanwhile, the Chybisians, advancing according to the plan, take Knaelside Village and reach the east bank of the Knael stream, breaking the eastern Norn siege works. The uneven advance, however, opens a gap between the two forces, and the Norns counter-attack through it, turning the Melderyn flank and driving them back in considerable disorder. Unsupported, the Chybissians are forced to withdraw in haste to avoid being pinned against the river and slaughtered
The Iron Band, with Wulf posing as the Crown Prince, storm the siege lines, breaking the siege, but are forced to withdraw. Later, they lead a successful rearguard action.
4th:  The Norn repair their eastern siege lines, while the various armies reorganize; the United Force withdraws to Geda. Kaldor’s losses are light, but their position is not greatly improved. Chybisa’s losses are numerous, especially in the peasant levy, and their morale is not all it could be. Melderyn’s losses are heavy. Recriminations fly thick and fast in the United Force’s camp.
6th: The Norn attempt to storm Caer Burzyn, and are repulsed with heavy loss; while observing the attack, King Verlid VII is badly injured when the bow of an over-stressed ballista shatters.
7th: The Norn mount a second series of frontal assaults on Burzyn; they reach the ramparts in several spots, but are pushed back before they can get a solid foothold.
The Iron Band attacks a Norn raiding outpost, rescuing three captives.
8th: With Wulf disguised as the Crown Prince, the Iron Band takes part in a raid to rescue captives in Burzyn. They bring out five captives, but sustain heavy wounds in bitter fighting.
10th: An Orbaalese fleet lands several hundred warriors under the cover of darkness; this force raids the Norn bases at the mouth of the Ulmerian River, killing scores of wounded Norn, firing a dozen ships, and carrying off a great deal of loot and Chybisian captives, before withdrawing out to sea
12th: Elf ships engage and sink three Norn vessels in the Belna Strait.
13th: Cyrus leads a band of Rethem mercs in a night attack on the inn where the Iron Band is staying. When the Iron Band prevails, Cyrus kills himself rather than be taken alive.
As the Norn mount another attempt to storm Caer Burzyn, the Kaldorian Army attacks, clearing the island and seizing the New Bridge. The Norn break off the assault to counter this attack, and in the space of three hours the North Gates, controlling the south access to the New Bridge, change hands at least six times, before ending in Kaldorian control.
14th: In a daring effort, just before dawn virtually the entire non-combatant population of Caer Burzyn, to include the Queen, escapes to the New Bridge. After sunup, the Norn assault Caer Burzyn, and the castle falls in bitter, room-to-room fighting. King Verlid VII is described as having been killed fighting at the head of his troops (in reality, the injured monarch was murdered in his bed). The Norn offer no quarter, and by all accounts, little is requested.
The Iron Band takes part in the raid, and escort out the Queen and Lady Selkes, among others. Every member of the Iron Band except Billdur (and Drodd, who had camp fever and missed the raid) was wounded.
15th: Elf ships engage and sink two Norn vessels in the Belna Strait.
Sir Erdwulf and Sir Morcan receive master craft mortuary swords in richly decorated scabbards as thanks for (unspecified) service. Cyn and Jesper decipher Cyrus' journal, and forge it to put the blame of the key and desecration on the Cyrus.
16th: The Iron Band takes part in a raid to recover captured loot from the Norn.
17th: The Norn withdraw to Lerenil.
19th: It is announced that the Crown Prince Balesir’s sister is betrothed to Malden I’s brother, Koris Harabor.
20th: The Norn withdraw to the mouth of the Ulmerian River.
21st: The Iron Band escorst Ravena to her husband.
22nd: The Iron Band heads home to Tashal.
23rd: The Norn withdraw out to sea.
24th: Balesir of Geledoth swears fealty to Malden I in the battered remains of Caer Burzyn, and is named Earl of Chybisa. His brother-in-law, the former Royal Marshal, is named Baron of Geda. Surviving Chybisan nobles are confirmed in their holdings, while the majority of leaderless Chybisian manors are assigned in equal measure to Chybisian and Kaldorian Knights Bachelor (hedge knights) who distinguished themselves in the conflict
25th: The forces of Melderyn withdraw.
28th: The Army of Kaldor withdraws, leaving a small force which will operate as a reserve until the Chybisian battle strength grows.

12th: The Iron Band arrives in Tashal.
15th: The Iron Band contacts the Dwarves regarding turning in the Key to the bounty.
24th: The Band makes a copy of Cyrus' journal, and the turns in The Key for the bounty and sells the journal (both to the Dwarves).
25th: Billdir receives permission to return to his home and make amends, and the Iron Band sets off for Orbaal.

Events in the year 808 CE

Green text indicates rumor or unconfirmed news.
Blue text indicates news that is factual or largely factual.
Dates for either type of text are the date of the incident, not the date the PCs hear of it; there will be a lag time of varying length between events and PCs hearing of them.

I. Nuzyael
30th: The Iron Band arrives in Lorkin.

II. Peonu
2nd: The Iron Band takes ship for Marby.
7th: The Band arrives in Marby. Billdur pays weregild, presents the heads, and is advised of the boon he must undertake. They travel to Salmon Valley and being the investigation required by the boon.
8th: After careful investigation, the Iron Band proceeds to the barrow mounds, where they defeat the revenant resposible for the situation. Realizing that the Undead creature will continue to return until it receives closure, they move its remains into the home of the poisoner responsible for the murder. The revanant kills its murderers, but is not put to rest.
10th: After a long and difficult search (hampered by poor choices) the Band finds Whiteclaw's cave, and Billdur confronts the beast alone; Billdur is seriously wounded, but he slays Whiteclaw.
11th: The Iron Band returns to Marby. Billdur present Whiteclaw's pelt to the Jarl.
12th: THe Iron Band heads south on a Kaldorian cog.
14th: The Band's ship is attacked by boat-borne Skaven. The crew is slain.
16th: After two days of trying to make up for trained crew, the cog limps into port at Lorkin.
17th: The Iron Band heads back to Tashal.
29th: The Iron Band is attacked in its night camp by trolls.

III. Kelen
1st: King Maldern declares Ostelbridge to be a Royal Baronry, answerable to the King. He appoints Sir Edric Quarne as Baron. The new Barony will include double the usual number of Yeomen due to its exposed location.
22nd: The Iron Band arrives in Tashal.
29th: The Iron Band finishes resting. Wulf is bethrothed to the Baron Karsin of Ubael's youngest daughter, Serli (16), and assumes the fee for the Baron Edric Quarne's former holdings.
30th: The party departs for the Night Village.

IV. Nolus
3rd: The Iron Band reaches the Night Village. There, they consult a blind Seer and secure the last details that Cyn needs.
6th: The Band reaches Elkall-Anuz. In a heavy action, both Wulf and Billdur take damaging wounds.
7th: The Band travels to the Trobridge Inn for a short rest.
9th: The Band heads for Pesino.
12th: The Band arrives at Pesino, and encounter Siabra. In a prolonged engagement, they defeat the Dark Elves and destroy the artifact; Cyn is badly wounded.
13th: The Iron Band sets off for Bejist. Along the way Billdur and Drodd work out a loan agreement; Billdur's people will provide ten years' farm labor for the Ogres. 

4th: The Iron Band reaches Bejist, where in a bitter running fight they defeat the Dark Elf garrison and destroy the final threat to the Elf nation.
30th: The Iron Band returns to Tashal. Wulf takes up the duties of a landed knight in his own right, Morcan undertakes the office of Bailiff to his brother's second manor (it is Morcan's in all but name). Billdur establishes a yeoman colony on the remains of Ressa's home village, while Drodd establishes a similar community of Ogres nearby. Also nearby is Jesper's small, discrete chantry. Kinn opens a tavern in Morcan's manor. Cyn turns down the position of special envoy to the Kingdom of Kaldor in order to continue his studies and exploratrion.