Dark Harn

Events in the year 808 CE

Green text indicates rumor or unconfirmed news.
Blue text indicates news that is factual or largely factual.
Dates for either type of text are the date of the incident, not the date the PCs hear of it; there will be a lag time of varying length between events and PCs hearing of them.

I. Nuzyael
30th: The Iron Band arrives in Lorkin.

II. Peonu
2nd: The Iron Band takes ship for Marby.
7th: The Band arrives in Marby. Billdur pays weregild, presents the heads, and is advised of the boon he must undertake. They travel to Salmon Valley and being the investigation required by the boon.
8th: After careful investigation, the Iron Band proceeds to the barrow mounds, where they defeat the revenant resposible for the situation. Realizing that the Undead creature will continue to return until it receives closure, they move its remains into the home of the poisoner responsible for the murder. The revanant kills its murderers, but is not put to rest.
10th: After a long and difficult search (hampered by poor choices) the Band finds Whiteclaw's cave, and Billdur confronts the beast alone; Billdur is seriously wounded, but he slays Whiteclaw.
11th: The Iron Band returns to Marby. Billdur present Whiteclaw's pelt to the Jarl.
12th: THe Iron Band heads south on a Kaldorian cog.
14th: The Band's ship is attacked by boat-borne Skaven. The crew is slain.
16th: After two days of trying to make up for trained crew, the cog limps into port at Lorkin.
17th: The Iron Band heads back to Tashal.
29th: The Iron Band is attacked in its night camp by trolls.

III. Kelen
1st: King Maldern declares Ostelbridge to be a Royal Baronry, answerable to the King. He appoints Sir Edric Quarne as Baron. The new Barony will include double the usual number of Yeomen due to its exposed location.
22nd: The Iron Band arrives in Tashal.
29th: The Iron Band finishes resting. Wulf is bethrothed to the Baron Karsin of Ubael's youngest daughter, Serli (16), and assumes the fee for the Baron Edric Quarne's former holdings.
30th: The party departs for the Night Village.

IV. Nolus
3rd: The Iron Band reaches the Night Village. There, they consult a blind Seer and secure the last details that Cyn needs.
6th: The Band reaches Elkall-Anuz. In a heavy action, both Wulf and Billdur take damaging wounds.
7th: The Band travels to the Trobridge Inn for a short rest.
9th: The Band heads for Pesino.
12th: The Band arrives at Pesino, and encounter Siabra. In a prolonged engagement, they defeat the Dark Elves and destroy the artifact; Cyn is badly wounded.
13th: The Iron Band sets off for Bejist. Along the way Billdur and Drodd work out a loan agreement; Billdur's people will provide ten years' farm labor for the Ogres. 

4th: The Iron Band reaches Bejist, where in a bitter running fight they defeat the Dark Elf garrison and destroy the final threat to the Elf nation.
30th: The Iron Band returns to Tashal. Wulf takes up the duties of a landed knight in his own right, Morcan undertakes the office of Bailiff to his brother's second manor (it is Morcan's in all but name). Billdur establishes a yeoman colony on the remains of Ressa's home village, while Drodd establishes a similar community of Ogres nearby. Also nearby is Jesper's small, discrete chantry. Kinn opens a tavern in Morcan's manor. Cyn turns down the position of special envoy to the Kingdom of Kaldor in order to continue his studies and exploratrion.


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